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Library Day in the Life 2011

Well, the new year has not seen much on this blog but what better way than to try to get back into the swing of things than by participating in the next round of Library Day in the Life! If … Continue reading

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Learning, not teaching

I recently read an article in University Affairs, co-written by my university’s new president that calls for more emphasis to be placed on learning than teaching. I think there is merit in this argument, but there are implications for library … Continue reading

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The Librarian Lecturer and Other Info Lit Thoughts

Now that much of my teaching is done for the term, I seem to be reading more about instruction now. A recent post from Iris caught my attention. In the post she writes about one shots and the idea that … Continue reading

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Flash Instruction

Insider Higher Ed recently had a post on Edupunk, something I first got interested in about three years ago (and from there my interest in Libpunk). This article intrigued me with the idea of flash seminars. You’ve probably heard of … Continue reading

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New Media Fun

This year we opened the Lyons New Media Centre, which I was lucky to be part of the creation team. This term, I’ve been working with a multi-section class and have been working with the LNMC staff to incorporate new … Continue reading

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IL 2010

It’s been a crazy fall term – instruction and research consultations are at an all time high, which while great, means there is little time for anything else, include this little blog. I did manage to fit in Internet Librarian … Continue reading

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Library Day in the Life 5

Well, it’s time for Lib Day 5! I think I’ll be participating, but rather than blog it all, I think I’ll twitter it this time and see how it goes. You can follow me on twitter, or check out the … Continue reading

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Old Spice on libraries

Well, I have lots to catch up on (Digital Odyssey, the Great Debate) but they will have to wait a little longer before getting blogged. This, however, could not wait. Andy Woodworth noted that the Old Spice Man was replying … Continue reading

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Interested in LibPunk? Originally, I think the idea came out of the EduPunk movement and was applied to libraries. Now there’s a group of people re-examining the idea. You can follow the blog, the podcast or the FriendFeed room. Join … Continue reading

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More conferencing

Another late conference post. I recently attended and presented at Computers in Libraries. It was another great conference (despite the fact that my laptop died while I was there). Mobile was one of the hot topics – so hot in … Continue reading

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