Information is Not Enough: Shaping the User Experience

This session highlighted that we need to think more about what our patrons think about when they approach the library. Is it a place for them, will they succeed, does it fit in their busy life, are they trusted to participate? It seems my library is doing well in most areas but there are always areas for improvment. A couple of the important points:

  • information is easy to find now – patrons want information rejection not retrieval
  • patron success is important – if they can find 2-3 things on their own, they are 2 times more likely to ask for assistance
  • think of reference as “World of Search Craft”
  • The final slide was on moving foward and had a number of important points, including plan for success. While this is important, I was particularly found of the last point – laugh a lot. This is a good library and life point. We have to remember that this is about people -that we work with and for – if we can’t enjoy them then maybe we should rethink things. Things won’t always go as planned and the ability to laugh will help us get passed them. Enjoy our successes and be happy.

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Liaison Librarian extraordinaire! Interests in libraries and technology, virtual worlds, gov pubs, fun and chocolate.
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