A Wiki Here, A Wiki There

I’m trying to catch up on my learning 2.0 exercises. Wikis are the first up to bat. I’ve played around with wikis before and I’m still trying to figure out my exact position on them. I’ve set one up for the CLA presentation I’m doing in May since the panel is scattered around the country. I set up a PBwiki but it hasn’t had a lot of use. This may be due to the fact that when I set it up, you had to know basic html to edit the page – I’m glad to see this has changed and it should convince more people to try to use a wiki. I’ve also recently worked on a project using Google Docs, which allows collaboration, and I’ve had a more positive response to using that than the wikis. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

I must admit though, the ability to use social software such as a wiki to collaborate on projects has made life much easier!


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Liaison Librarian extraordinaire! Interests in libraries and technology, virtual worlds, gov pubs, fun and chocolate.
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