Trends in Info Commons

Information Commons can vary dramatically but Joan Lippincott highlighted the trends she’s seen in information commons around the country. These included:

  • technology for users
  • services bridging  physical and virtual spaces
  • special spaces
  • design and aesthetics

This was the first time I heard mention of teamspot – a software that allows students to hook their individual laptops into a common (usually larger) monitor and all contribute to a project – great for collaborative group work.  Joan also stressed that signage was essential when sharing services – make it clear what is available (ie. laptop loans, multimedia equipment available, etc). Some of the special spaces were quite interesting – one commons offered binoculars and a bird book for bird watching!

Unfortunately we ran out of time for discussion of assessment of info commons.

The session was a great way to see the variety of interpretations for information commons and also reinforced that our Learning Commons is moving in the right direction.


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One Response to Trends in Info Commons

  1. Derek says:

    i’d never heard of TeamSpot either – but there’s a simple tour (in the form of a flash demo) available on their website that does a pretty good job of explaining how it can be used: (follow the ‘take a tour’ link)

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