Ancient Librarian

Here’s an interesting blog that combines my two passions – libraries and classics. Alexandrine Librarian is a fictional story, blogged by Larry Greenwood, which follows a librarian after he discovers the library at Alexandria destroyed. Below is the official release. Check it out!

What if you showed up for work at your library one day and the
doors were locked, or worse, the building has been completely
destroyed and the collection burned.

That is what happened to Yarrl of Alexandria in 415 AD. You can
follow the story of Yarrl at:

Larry Greenwood, a retired academic librarian, has begun a story
about the life and times of a librarian working at the Great
Library of Alexandria in early 5th century. It is an interesting
look at religious fundamentalism and its influence on ancient
libraries and librarians. The story is serialized in blog format.


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One Response to Ancient Librarian

  1. Derek says:

    fascinating idea.. can’t wait to give it a read

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