Second Life Loneliness

An interesting post over on InfoCult on the emptiness of Second Life. If you’ve been in the virtual world, you’ve likely experienced it. Over 25000 people online and no one is in any of the places you visit. This is one of the issues I think libraries need to consider when they create a space in SL. Yes, it’s great to create a space and explore the potential of the world, however, just having a space is not enough. We must try to bring people (not just one) to the space. It is important to continue to have events in your building, whether they are put on by the library or whether the space is used by another group (ie. community meetings). The SL library needs to become a branch in which events are held and people can come to meet others, much like a real library. It’s not necessarily an easy task but in order to get the most out of SL I feel it is one we need to pursue.


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4 Responses to Second Life Loneliness

  1. W.L., can you point me to any discussions about loneliness, or positive isolation, in libraries? I can recall many times in my life where I’ve relished being alone in a library, and wonder about recreating that feeling in SL library spaces.

  2. Krista says:

    Interesting thought! I’ll do a little digging for you.

  3. Only space is not enough. it needs interactive events

  4. Krista says:

    I agree completely michael and i think that’s where most places in sl fall down. the space almost becomes meaningless if there isn’t a reason to be there, such as an event.

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