Wishful Thinking

Radiohead decided to release their album online – without a price. They gave fans the option to pay what they wanted! My guess is that many will still give something to have the album. Wouldn’t it be nice if database providers would do the same? Again, I’d be willing to pay something, just not the crazy prices many are asking for.

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Liaison Librarian extraordinaire! Interests in libraries and technology, virtual worlds, gov pubs, fun and chocolate.
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One Response to Wishful Thinking

  1. Derek says:

    along a similar philosophy, NIN recently released a bunch of listener-submitted remixes in a 21 track double CD. this collection is free and is available online: http://www.9inchnails.com/remixes/

    i’ve heard -of- radiohead, i just haven’t given them a listen. i get the feeling they have a few fans? 🙂

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