Innovation and Change

Innovation and change – this has been a central idea at our libraries for over a year now. We’ve seen a lot of both and I think we’ve moved in a lot of good directions. Stephen’s Lighthouse pointed to a neat post on innovation and change which lists 33 things to consider. The one that stuck me the most was to change buy-in to join-in. I think this makes a lot of sense. To me, buy-in suggests varying levels of commitment. You can buy-in to an idea that you don’t completely believe in. Join-in suggests a higher level of commitment. By joining in, you are actually taking part in the change or innovation. It suggests an exchange of ideas, participation, and active community. I think innovation and change might be less scary to some if they just joined in.


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One Response to Innovation and Change

  1. karenzed says:

    I agree! I have been thinking about having a session on risk taking. I attended one once (presentation, and then a group activity where we had to think about risk, what does it mean, the pros and cons of taking risks) and it was so illuminating!

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