Possible Ban

A close-to-home call to remove Philip Pullman’s book The Golden Compass. It’s always saddening to see such calls. especially after only 1 complaint.

Update – Looks like others in the area are following suite.

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3 Responses to Possible Ban

  1. karenzed says:

    Hey, your post shows up on the CBC page with the article. You have less “authority” than the other bloggers, though. Now there’s a twist!

  2. Derek says:

    The book has been out for 10 years. Did it really take them that long to read it?

    Unless.. oh, forgive me, but could it be that the people protesting this book haven’t actually read it?

    451 °F?

  3. S. Minded says:

    I live in Morganton, NC, and our local school board is trying to ban THE KITE RUNNER. If haven’t read it, it is a wonderful book. Our school board feels that the novel is “obscene” and “pornographic.” Apparently, they do not know the definition of either word. Also, the novel was taught in a 10th grade honor class, and none of the parents of those children have complained.

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