Windsor Budget Woes

The city of Windsor is trying to force the library board to cut $800 000, 10% of its budget, without closing branches or reducing hours. The library board is refusing to make the cuts themselves. More information on this fight can be found here.


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2 Responses to Windsor Budget Woes

  1. monster7of9 says:

    While I can truly understand the library crisis since MDPLS and other libraries state wide in Florida are not out of the woods from the property tax reform. Since funding from the library comes from these taxes, people here voted with their wallets and not their heads. As a result, the saving people saved with the reform would be about $300 per year. Wow, such savings.

    If libraries are closely tied to the community it serves then the community needs to step up to the plate to support the library in these tough times.

  2. i agree – there are tough times all around and libraries are often on the suffering end. community support is key to their survival and libraries must strive to build strong relationships to help ensure their own survival.

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