And I’m back…

It’s been forever since I’ve posted and feels like forever since I’ve been at work. I’ve finished my research leave which resulted in a paper for IFLA with Amy Buckland (and it’s already up!).

I also presented at workshop on Transforming Information Literacy: Do We Have the Skills at WILU with my great colleagues Karen Nicholson and Shawn McCann in BC. It went well, although as with most presentations, I would change things in the future. Participants seemed interested in Shawn’s demo of World of Warcraft but seemed reluctant to talk about literacies outside information literacy (which is perhaps understandable as it is an info lit conference, but we were introducing other 21st century fluencies such as digital literacy, media literacy, numeracy, scientific literacy, etc). I love WILU as a conference – small and intimate – and this year was no exception. Attended a number of sessions on peer tutoring, something I would like to get started here. I hope to start work on a student ambassador program and will share info as it develops.

Finally, I presented at the CLA annual conference on gov pubs 2.0. I hope to start doing some of the stuff I talked about ( account for subject guides, google search for gov pubs and more). This presentation, along with the WILU presentation will be online soon – I’ll post links when they are. I’m also stepping down as convenor of the Access to Government Information Interest Group with CLA. It was a good but long trip in BC, completely with seeing family I hadn’t really seen in 20 years.

Next conference will be IFLA in August. One thing I’m finding with conferences lately is that our library really has become bleeding edge in many cases. Many of the presentations I go to, we’re already doing. When I talk about things we’re doing, many can not relate as they do not have the support to try things as we do. It’s something I need to be thinking when I create my presentations. I really am lucky to be working in my library!

With all of the research and presentations, it’s taking a little while to catch up on work. Summer means First Year Experience work is first and foremost – we’ll be having a scavenger hunt for Summer Orientation and will be included in a parent panel. Once that’s done, there’s just Welcome Day, Welcome Week and Clubsfest to plan.

And with all of my goings on, our library is still doing neat things. We just had a launch for our mass digitization project – a partnership with Kirtas Technologies, Ristech and LuLu. Congrats to all those working on these major projects!

And that’s all I have for now. You may have guessed that I will not be posting on CiL – there’s so much out there now. All you need to know is that it was the best conference eva!


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Liaison Librarian extraordinaire! Interests in libraries and technology, virtual worlds, gov pubs, fun and chocolate.
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2 Responses to And I’m back…

  1. tombrarian says:

    Congratulations on the paper and all the presentations! I hope you enjoy exotic Montreal.

    ALA just won’t seem like a real conference without my Canadian friends. You all need to crash it!

  2. weelibrarian says:

    Let the Canadian invasion begin! 😛 Wish I could go – so many conferences, so little time (and money).

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