IL2008 Wrap-Up

I’m always later with my conference wrap-ups than I mean to be. During the conference, I’m busy meeting tweeps and meeting librarians and then there’s the work catch-up to come home to. As a result, my wrap-up will be rather brief since almost everyone has blogged about sessions I went to.

This was my first Internet Librarian and I’m already looking for ways to go back next year. It was a great conference with some really good sessions and great people. The one thing I keep taking away from these conferences is that we really need to do more evaluation of the services that we keep offering. We are creating some great services but I’d be interested in seeing more on how often these new services are being used. In fact, it’s something I’d like to try to figure out with our own Second Life reference project. It’s not an always an easy task to get the data on how a service is being used, especially as there is a push to continue moving forward rather than taking the time to stop and re-examine.

I highly recommend checking out twitter for any conference you attend – I heard about a lot of really good sessions via twitter, not to mention the evening activites.


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Liaison Librarian extraordinaire! Interests in libraries and technology, virtual worlds, gov pubs, fun and chocolate.
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