Library Day In the Life: Monday

Well, I’ve been silent for a while now but I’ve decided to come back and take part in Library Day in the Life. It’s been around before but this is my first go at it. I figure it’s good to share what I do, realize what I do, and gives me a great reason to start writing here again. So, here’s my Monday – pretty typical for this time of year for me. Note: I have cheated a bit, in that I tweeted much of what I did, mostly because I figure I’ll forget later. Apologies for the repetition to those who follow me on twitter.


  • start the day by catching up with the library world and the world in general (rss feeds, social networks, news, etc)
  • meeting with our teaching with technology group, where we’re looking at library integration into our new blackboard system
  • had wikis set up for committees I’m on (thanks Amanda!) and put content in them
  • got confirmation of full move to blackboard in fall, which means updating library quiz and helping out faculty as needed
  • updated online form for high school instruction requests
  • worked on conference proposal
  • ate lunch at my desk (bad habit – must break)
  • hour shift on im/email reference
  • coordinating volunteers for next week’s Welcome Day
  • meeting to script out next library video (we’re doing a series which I’ll post more on when they’re all done)
  • biked home to avoid nasty looking clouds

About theweelibrarian

Liaison Librarian extraordinaire! Interests in libraries and technology, virtual worlds, gov pubs, fun and chocolate.
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2 Responses to Library Day In the Life: Monday

  1. Tom says:

    Ooh…I’ll be looking for librarians who make their own videos for a program I’m chairing for ALA in the summer. I know you probably don’t go to ALA, but I’ll be curious to see what you guys produce.

  2. I’ll definitely keep you posted and we have been known to attend ALA 🙂

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