Fun with Words

I’ve been encountering some terms lately that I’ve found intriguing – not necessarily groundbreaking, but interesting. The first term is informavore. I came across this in a post on BoingBoing, which lead me to an article on the Edge. I would like to consider myself an informavore, and I suspect most librarians would. What intrigued me in the article was the parallel of information to Darwin selection – in a world filled with information, how do we choose which information is important, what can be left out and what might this mean for culture, history and the future? I’m sure I can not do the article justice, so I will simply recommend that you go read the article.

I came across the other term in a Spark podcast. In this episode (episode 90), we learn of the term continuous partial attention (it also talks about email apnea – an interesting concept in itself). I think this explains a lot of what I do, certainly better than the term multitasking. I also think that many of the students I work with also fall prey to continuous partial attention. If this is the case, what does this mean for educating these students? Does it change they way we think they work – or should it? I think I will be spending some more time considering what the implications for this might mean for the students I teach. I’m becoming more and more interested in how technology affects our students and their learning and I think continuous partial attention is certainly one side effect of technology.


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3 Responses to Fun with Words

  1. Michael W. Andrews says:

    Krista – Thanks for putting these words up. It’s amazing what is out there and gets put together in the most interesting ways. I came across your blog off of a LinkedIn link. Take care, Mike

  2. Michael W. Andrews says:

    Krista – something to add to your collection. I just remembered a phrase. I can’t remember where I saw or heard it but here it goes (it may apply to the aftermath of a long afternoon at the reference desk) “it’s like putting socks on an octapus.” Mike

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