Superconference 2010

A very late post for OLA’s 2010 Superconference. This year was a little bit different for me. I didn’t get to attend too many sessions this year and that’s because I took my new role as OLITA President. This meant a little more behind the scenes activity, more talking with vendors and meeting all sorts of great people. We’ve got a great OLITA council this year and I look forward to working with them as we re-examine our strategic priorities and make sure they’re aligned with OLA’s new strategic plan. Digital Odyssey is also quickly coming! This year it’s Going Mobile and will be held at Ryerson June 11. We’ve invited Jason Griffey to be our keynote – it’s going to be great! Be sure to keep an eye on the OLITA website for details. Ok, well, I’ve slipped into talking about OLITA rather than the conference, so back to the conference. As always, it was a great conference (complete with obligatory snow storm) and a big congrats to all the people who put so much work and effort into making it a wonderful conference!


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Liaison Librarian extraordinaire! Interests in libraries and technology, virtual worlds, gov pubs, fun and chocolate.
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