Flash Instruction

Insider Higher Ed recently had a post on Edupunk, something I first got interested in about three years ago (and from there my interest in Libpunk). This article intrigued me with the idea of flash seminars. You’ve probably heard of flash mobs coming together to do a dance or some other group activity. Flash seminars are an attempt to bring students together for a seminar in a prof’s house.

I’d love to know if this type of seminar is working. I’m not convinced that it needs to be in a prof’s house but announcing an interesting topic through social media and having students converge on one spot moments before the talk kind of appeals to me.

I also wonder if we could do flash instruction. Wanna know how online resources like zotero and delicious can help research and your job search, meet in the cafe at 2pm! (not really, but I do wonder if this kinda of thing would work). Could we create enough of a buzz to generate interest? I’m very tempted to try it out.

Have you ever participated in/organized any flash mob/seminars/instruction? I’d love to know how and if it works!


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