Libday6: Day 1

Working from home means more always gets done. It seems today was no exception.

  • Started the day the same as everyone else: checking email and social networks.
  • I sent in a small piece on QR codes for our library newsletter. As part of the Teaching with Technology committee, we try to have a small piece about new, interesting or useful technology. Previous posts have included web apps like dropbox and TED talks.
  • I updated the first 4 of 9 presentations that I’ll be doing this week for social sciences inquiry. More on that tomorrow
  • Pulled together a short reading list on presentation skills for a prof to offer his students. I hope to teach this to them in the future.
  • As a research day, it wasn’t until afternoon that I actually began my research. I rarely get to take research days but it was nice to have some time to devote to preparing my OLA presentation. I’ll be presenting on virtual embedded librarianship. It’s interesting research (both the virtual aspect and embedded librarianship) and I’ll post more on it after the conference.
  • Helped organize the library portion of a visit of crown ward students. Instead of a creative writing exercise, I’ve suggested bringing them to the digital media centre to create something (a video, slideshow, song…) as they are more likely to use digital media than do creative writing in university. The idea seems to have gone over well, so we’ll see.
  • checked in our local student social network and answered library questions
  • did a little more research/reading and some association work for OLITA – worked on pulling together a report for the AGM and filled in a colleague for a teleconference I filled in for.

About theweelibrarian

Liaison Librarian extraordinaire! Interests in libraries and technology, virtual worlds, gov pubs, fun and chocolate.
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