Two, two, two days in one!

Yes, I will admit it. I just didn’t have the energy yesterday to post my LibDay6: Day 2, it was, after all, a 12 hour day with 6 hours of teaching. So today, you get two days in one!

Libday6: Day 2

  • Started the day checking email and social networks (from now on, assume this is done at the start of everyday)
  • Attended a liaison meeting where we learned the basics of systematic reviews. They’re big in health sciences and seem to be increasing in popularity recently. We’re even getting requests from social sciences. I’d love to learn more about the differences, if there are any, between health sciences and social sciences systematic reviews. I’d also love to learn why social sciences has started using them. Add that to the research list pile of things to do.
  • During this meeting, having taken my laptop, I had a few IM chats with faculty and students. Note to self: I must remember to turn on my away message more often. I am really excited to see people using my IM widget though. I’m in 14 classes (9 are sections of the same course) in our learning management system and have included a private google IM widget. I’m surprised by the amount of up-take. The just-in-time help I can provide seems to be working well and I hope it continues.
  • Student dropped by my office for a consultation – it was only afterwards that I realized that it was during my office hours. I have only placed this office hours on my liaison contact page and don’t promote it very well. I’m not certain that the student came because of the posted hours, but it is nice to think that students are finding me.
  • The rest of the day was spent teaching. This is the second time I see this class and it’s an interesting session, as I get to go over web searching and evaluation, talk briefly about new media, copyright, and finding creative commons images. These are things that I don’t get to teach very often. On top of it, half of the class is spent creating videos in the new media centre. We’re seeing more options for digital projects on campus and this session introduces them to the space they can use to create them. Some of the sections of this course will have the option to create videos or graphic novels as the major project, so it’s exciting to offer this session to them.

Libday6: Day 3

  • The day consisted primarily of teaching (7.5 hours of it) – the same inquiry class as yesterday.
  • Contacted the Centre for Student Development to make accommodation arrangements for an online quiz that will be offered in a couple of weeks.
  • Teleconference – introduction to a new committee I’m on, the Technical Advisory Group for Scholar’s Portal

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