On being thoughtful

I was reading one of Jenica’s recent posts and was struck by one of her comments: “We’d rather be outraged than thoughtful.” While she was speaking to age/generation issues, the truth of this statement rang out, at least to me. As a profession, we are quick to jump on twitter/blogs/other social media and shout about how wronged libraires are. Perhaps if we were more thoughtful, we wouldn’t find ourselves in the constant reactionary positions we seem to be in. If we could position ourselves better, we might not need to rage so much. Sarah points out, in an interesting counterpoint to the recent HarperCollins debacle, we (libraries) are often in a weak negotiating postion – would thoughtfulness help this? I would hope so.

There is a time and place for shouting about libraires;  in fact, it is important to make noise. If we were more thoughtful though, we might find ourselves in better positions to fight for our libraries, and maybe, not lose our voices with the shouting.


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