Presentations, Publications, Conference Planning

Upcoming Presentations

Video as Evaluation in the Classroom, Learning Technologies Symposium, McMaster University (presented with Beth Marquis, John Maclachlan, Catherine Swanson), April 2011


• Building Relationships through Embedded Librarianship. Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) annual conference. March/April 2011, with Karen Nicholson and Andrew Colgoni.

• QR Codes 101 (Cybertour). Computers in Libraries. March 2011

• Embedded Librarians: Three Models to Promote the Library and Improve Student Learning. Ontario Library Association Super Conference, February 2011, with Karen Nicholson and Andrew Colgoni.

• Video in the Library. Internet Librarian, October 2010. Presented with Catherine Baird, McMaster University and Shawn McCann, Wayne State University

• FailCamp. Internet Librarian, October 2010. Presented with Amy Buckland, McGill University; Jan Dawson, Knowledge Ontario; Char Booth, University of California, Berkeley

CACUL Great Debate: Be it resolved that the physical Reference Desk is not dying – it’s dead. Negative team. Canadian Library Association Conference, June 2010.

• Virtual Libraries in Virtual Worlds Ontario Association of Library Technicians Conference, May 2010 prezi here

• Browser Tools for Research & Discovery (Cybertour) Computers in Libraries, April 2010 (slides here)

• Video Killed the Radio Star but Made My Library Awesome! Super Conference, February 2010 – presented with Shawn McCann and Catherine Baird

• Attracting and Keeping Next-Gen Student Researchers, Internet Librarian, October 2009 (slides here)

• More than Just Cruising: SL & Web 2.0, Computers in Libraries, March 2009 – presented with Amy Buckland

• Nerds of a Feather: Gaming and Virtual Worlds in Academic Libraries, OLA SuperConference, February 2009 – presented with Shawn McCann

• Ask an Avatar: Canadian Academic Libraries in Second Life, Internet Librarian, October 2008 – presented with Amy Buckland

• Gimmick or groundbreaking? Canadian academic libraries using chat reference in multi-user virtual environment, International Federation of Library Associations Annual Conference, August 2008 – presented with Amy Buckland

Electronic Government Information: It was Here a Minute Ago!? Issues and New Strategies in its Collection, Preservation and Use, Canadian Library Association Annual Conference, May 23, 2008 – presented with Helene LeBlanc(Wilfred-Laurier University) and Sharna Polard

• Transforming Information Literacy: Do We Have the Skills? WILU workshop, May 14, 2008 – presented with Karen Nicholson (McMaster University) and Shawn McCann (McMaster University)

Integrating Second Life (SL): Courses & Collections, Computers in Libraries, Virginia,Apr. 2008 – presented with Craig Anderson, Reference Librarian, Kean University, Troy Swanson, Teaching & Learning Librarian, & Larry Sloma, Adjunct Librarian, Moraine Valley Community College

A Whole New World: Libraries and Education in Second Life. York University Library, March 2008.

Second Life: Pick-up Team or Major League, Ontario Library Association Super Conference, Toronto ON, Feb. 2008 presented with Donna Bourne-Tyson (Mount Saint Vincent)

Education in A Virtual World: The Second Life Experience. Second Life LRTC Techology Symposium, McMaster University, Dec. 2007 – presented with Shawn McCann

Learning 2.0 Learning and Study Skills Association (LASSA) Conference, Dec. 2007– Presented with Peter Walsh

Do Librarians Need a Second Life? Education Institute Web Conference, Nov. 2007.

A Second Life for Virtual Reference, Westerns New York – Ontario Chapter ARCL conference, Rochester NY, October 2008.

Second Life: Virtual Reference & IL Librarians with Wings, Canadian Library Association Annual Conference, St. John’s Newfoundland, May 2007
– Presented with Donna Bourne-Tyson (Mount Saint Vincent), Denyse Rodrigues (Mount Saint Vincent), Nancy Collins (University of Alberta)

Learning in a New World: Second Life and Social Networks, Learning about Learning: A Forum for Mills Learning Commons Partners, McMaster University, Hamilton ON, Feb. 20, 2007.

How Do I Teach That? Government Publications and Information Literacy in Academic Libraries, Ontario Library Association Super Conference, Toronto ON, Feb 4, 2006.


• Buckland, Amy and Godfrey, Krista. (2010). Save the Time of the Avatar: Canadian Academic Libraries Using Chat Reference in Multi-User Virtual Environments. Reference Librarian. 51.1, 12-30.

• (2009). “Ask a librarian.(news desk).” Computers in Libraries 29.1, 33(1).

• (2008). A New World for Virtual Reference. Library Hi-Tech. 26.4, 525-539.

• Buckland, Amy and Godfrey, Krista. (2008). Gimmick or Groundbreaking? Canadian Academic Libraries in Second Life. Refer. 24.3, 5-10.

• Outside Referee for Resources of College Libraries, Classical Literature and Language section. 2007 – 2008.

• Dinberg, Donna and Godfrey, Krista. (2007). A Brave New Virtual World, or, 500 librarians can’t be wrong!. Feliciter. 53.4.

• (2007). Internet Review: Google News Archive. College and Research Libraries News. June vol. 68, no.6, 390.

• (2006). Internet Review: Oct vol.26, no.9, 579, 586.

Conference Planning

Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE) 2011: Cascades of Innovation, Hamilton ON, May 2011

Digital Odyssey 2010: Going Mobile, Toronto ON, June 2010 – Planning Committee Coordinator

WILU 2010: Design, Play, Learn, Hamilton ON, May 2010 – Planning Committee – Technology Subcommittee

Learning Technology Symposium, Centre for Leadership in Learning, McMaster University, Hamilton ON, April 2010 – Proposal reviews

Access 2008, Hamilton ON, October 2008 – Progam Planning Subcommittee


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